Atheer Labs New Goggles Yet Another Rival to Glass


Can there ever be too much of a good thing? If that thing is new wearable technology, we’d have to loudly proclaim no. After all, we aren’t yet living in an awesome cyberpunk world where each of us is adorned with at least five or twenty gadgets on our person. Until that day arrives, we will happily take any new product that comes our way. One of the most crowded genres within wearable tech is virtual reality-enabled eyewear devices. Spearheaded by Google and their Glass device, the movement is now a bona fide corporate trend, with new items appearing almost daily. Why, don’t look now, here is another one.

Atheer Labs have been hard at work on their 3D eyewear device for quite some time now, and they are getting pretty darned close to unleashing it on the world. The Atheer One is positioned as a serious competitor to Glass, as its Android underpinnings make it extremely easy to program for. It should take a developer no time to turn their garden variety app into a gesture-controlled one available for use on the One. Other than this perk, the device reads like a bullet point list of what is expected in this kind of gadget nowadays. Accelerometer, compass, light and proximity sensors, GPS, Bluetooth and a bunch of inputs round out this little bad boy.

As far release date, the company is shooting for March of 2014. They’ve gone ahead and posted the project on Indiegogo for people to get in on that whole early adopter thing. You can ensure you’ll be the first goggle-filled kid on your block by gogo-ing to that site and plopping down around $350.