Asus Launches Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones with NFC



Headphones that connect to your device via Bluetooth are becoming more and more popular as Bluetooth technology becomes more advanced and newer versions of it are released. Asus has launched what they claim to be the worlds first headphones that run on Bluetooth 4.0.

The fact that these headphones run on Bluetooth 4.0 means a number of things. First of all, Bluetooth 4.0 is the most power-saving version of Bluetooth, so the Asus EB50N ear buds boast a rather long battery life. The headphones also boast one touch pairing with any Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone or tablet.

Not only do the headphones make use of Bluetooth 4.0, but they also use NFC. This enables the headphones to e able to automatically pair with any Bluetooth enabled device that is held 1 inch, or 3 cm, or closer. This makes good use of NFC EZ one touch pairing, and should rove very handy for users, especially those that might use the headphones on multiple devices.

The headphones have an integrated microphone for calling, and users can talk to two people at once or put people on hold if they have multiple calls going at the same time. The battery for the headphones claims up to 6 hours of continuous playback, or up to 250 hours on standby. Not bad at all.

The audio quality itself is also not bad. The drivers for the headphones are 8mm and are both noise canceling and echo canceling. The frequency range is from 20Hz to 17kHz, which is scientifically pretty close to the full range of human hearing, especially for people above 20 years old. The left ear bud features an LED light and power button, while the right makes use of a micro USB charging port.

There is no word yet on pricing or availability for the headphones but we should expect them to be released sometime in the near future.