ASUS Introduces a Mega-Cheap Android Wear Smarwatch


Smartwatches. You want one. I want one(well, another one.) Everybody wants one! However, there is a cold fact of modern life that dictates that there just isn’t as much money floating around as there used to be. So, with that in mind, plunking down a few hundred clams for the latest and greatest smartwatch may not be the best idea for many of us. When will companies start making budget-priced smartwatches to go in line with budget notebooks, tablets, phones and the like? Don’t worry your head about it! They are coming soon if ASUS has anything to say about it, and they do since they are a global manufacturer of electronic devices.

ASUS, who you may know from making a whole bunch of stuff that you may or may not own, are developing their very own, and very special, smartwatch. What’s so special about it? The price! Reports indicate that this watch, which uses the Android wear platform, could clock in as cheap at $99. The best part? It should still have both bells and whistles intact, with an AMOLED screen and the option to use gesture controls. Details, other than the potential price, are scant as the company hasn’t formally announced anything.

Look for said formal announcement around September and for it to release in the fall, my magical wearable tech predicting crystal ball just announced. So get that 100 bucks ready to go in the meantime. It won’t be long until your wrist is adorned with the best a tiny amount of money can buy.