ASUS announces cost-friendly smartwatch


ASUS has announced a smartwatch that it says will retail for under £200 at the IFA conference in Germany.

The ZenWatch will operate on Google’s Android Wear operating system, and will boast a 320-pixel-square touchscreen housed in a stainless steel case. The launch comes as a number of companies, including Samsung, Sony, Motorola and others announce new offerings in the space.

The watch will also come with 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, and a microphone and heart rate sensor. The monitor claims to let the watch measure “relaxation levels” using a built in “Wellness” app, providing users with a single relaxation score based on the results, along with tips for how to reduce stress. The app also generates a combination of other stats, including steps taken, calories burned, activity duration, heart rate, and exercise intensity.

ASUS say it will go on sale prior to Xmas 2014.