ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Gaming Headset keeps your hands free so you can shoot newbs


astro a50 1
Playing video games online can be a totally exhilarating experience. The smell of futuristic space in your hair, the gratuitous explosions as you shred your opponents, the nasally pissed off voice of twelve year old kids using language they absolutely should not know. It’s great! The only downside? Traditional televisions and headphones aren’t built for properly separating real voices from in-game noises. It can be confusing. Thus a whole cottage industry has sprung up around gaming headsets that do that kind of heavy lifting. The only problem with these modern marvels? Wires. Freaking wires. Getting everywhere. No longer though!

ASTRO Gaming, who are at the vanguard of the high-end gaming headset market, have done it again. They’ve gotten rid of the wires with their new A50 system, which can be a tricky process. You see, the stream can’t just be sent via Bluetooth due to the user-generated mixing that is involved. They basically squeezed an entire amplification unit, along with two channel mixer, right into the ear cup. You have total control over the levels and total control over EQ right at your fingertips. Another cool innovation? The microphone automatically mutes when you push it away from your mouth. No more embarrassing mix ups where you cuss in front of little kids!  That’s their job.

So get out there(and by out there, we mean to your living room) and get gaming! They are available now for $300 a pair. That may seem like a lot for a pair of gaming headphones but, hey, with high-end components comes a high-end price. You only live once and all of that. Check out an unboxing video and more photos below.