Asthmapolis – An Inhaler That “Outsmarts Asthma”


Asthmapolis 1
Millions upon millions of people suffer from Asthma, and many of these people simply cannot afford to treat it. One of the main goals of Asthmapolis, which started in 2010, is to treat Asthma at a lower cost to patients who cannot afford other treatment, and to develop mobile data monitoring that makes it much easier for Asthma patients to monitor their Asthma.

Asthmapolis have designed snap on, Bluetooth sensors that track how often the user is using their inhaler. This information is then sent to an analytics based iOS app or Android app. This way users can visualize their inhaler usage, and track what triggers their Asthma better, which can in the end help Asthma patients save money.

Asthmapolis has been approved by the FDA to market its device to consumers, which is something of a rare occurrence. Eventually, the company aims to help medical institutions to better evaluate the efficiency of their treatments, which could in turn help patients better manage the disease, while at the same time saving money on treatment.

Asthmapolis is a big step foreword in Asthma managing technology, and should help pave the way in better managing the disease, as well as helping patients save money, especially those that might not be able to afford the usual treatment for Asthma.