Asahi Kasei’s mini RFID amulet stores all of your pertinent medical records


We live in a digital world, and yet the medical community is fine with living in a paper one. That doesn’t make much sense. Thankfully, thanks to a spate of industrious inventors, this is about to change. First up? A miniature RFID chip that will store your entire medical history.

This tiny, 3cm-square charm, designed by Asahi Kasei, that can be read by a computer or smartphone and can be worn, well, just about anywhere. The device should enjoy broad connectivity with a variety of products, thanks to being built using a much-used programming code.

The company hopes to begin selling the devices to hospitals within the year at a low, low cost of just $25. Now we will truly never, ever be able to get away from that one unfortunate bout of gonorrhea we had seven years ago. Ugh.