Arki Armband is a Fitness Tracker That Analyzes Your Walking Posture


Walking. It’s something even the laziest among us do each and every day. We have to, at the very least, walk to and from the fridge during mammoth Netflix sessions. However, walking is frustratingly easy to do incorrectly. Too much incorrect walking and you’ll end up hobbled and afraid, cursing to the heavens your knee and back pain. How can we be sure if we are walking correctly, however? Do we have to see one of those people who call themselves doctors? Heck no! Just use the magical power of wearable technology. Here is a fitness tracking armband that also tracks your walking posture and lets you know when you are in danger of endangering yourself.

The Arki is the aforementioned tracker and tracking your walking posture is only the first of its powers. It also does the heavy lifting of your garden variety fitness tracker, including keeping an eye on your distance, calories burned and your sleeping habits. All of these taken together can paint a pretty decent picture of your overall health, so you can feel guilty and ashamed until you make some positive changes. This is done via haptic feedback, otherwise known as helpful vibrations. Additionally, the armband gets to know your unique walking patter and will only unlock for your personal gait. That’s a new way to unlock a device, that’s for sure.

Arki comes in two flavors, one with a plain rubber armband and one with a snazzy leather armband. Of course, the leather one is slightly more expensive. You can preorder both now by heading over to the affiliated Kickstarter site, where the developers of Arki are trying to raise finishing funds. Thus far, they’ve done a bang up job.