Argo Medical’s ReWalk Rehabilitation Exoskeleton will get you there


As much as we’d like to claim otherwise, we don’t need much of the wearable technology that is currently taking the world by storm. Sure watches that interact with your smartphone are cool but we aren’t so sure they’ll save any lives(actually that remains to be seen.) So it always brings us pleasure when we are able to get down in to the nitty gritty of how wearable tech is revolutionizing various medical industries. On that note, nothing is more revolutionary that a full body exoskeleton that helps people walk.

Argo Medical has just released a new version of their astounding ReWalk Rehabilitation Exoskeleton. This is the perfect exoskeleton to help accident victims get back on the mend and get them walking again. This new version features a brand new size slider to make it easier for patients to slide in and get going. It also ships with brand new software designed with the new user in mind. Gone are the days of the steep exoskeleton learning curves. Well, there is still somewhat of a learning curve being as how you are suddenly walking again.

The Rehabilitation model is designed for the physical therapist in mind, however. The company is set to release a model for home use, called ReWalk Personal. It hasn’t received FDA approval yet but when it does you’ll be the first to know. We are good about that kind of thing here at Crunchwear.