Arduino DIY LED watch is the timepiece of your geek-fueled dreams


Do you own anything that really shows the world what a geek you are? Now, I mean geek in a cool way not in a thrown in a high school locker way. Besides, you are an adult, you can’t even fit in lockers anymore. So with that in mind, it’s about time you got serious about showing off your geek cred. Let me open your peepers to this Arduino-controlled LED watch.

This piece of nerd-chic tells time with a series of brightly glowing LEDs on an exposed PCB. If you didn’t know what either of those acronyms mean then this is not the watch for you. If you did, however, then you may want to track one of these down. The watch also tells perfect time, if you are worried about running late to your steampunk society meeting or something. Just kidding.

Of course, this is a DIY invention and you may need to build it yourself instead of busting out your credit card. Of course, to geeks, that’s all part of the fun.