ARAIG Gaming Feedback Suit Literally Puts You in the Game


Video games. We love ’em! Through the years, also, gaming has had a knack for becoming more and more immersive. First there was the humble controller, then the Nintendo Wii and motion control. After that the copycats started rolling in, which includes Sony’s Move and, to an extent, Microsoft’s Kinect. In recent months, gamers have been absolutely wowed by the potential of VR rigs such as the Oculus Rift. The Rift certainly is cool, but it only puts your entire field of vision in the game. This new device puts your entire body in the game. See the difference? It’s like a rumble add-on for your chest.

Introducing the ARAIG, which hilariously stands for “As Real As It Gets.” This gaming rig is essentially a suit that straps around your chest to give your body the full immersion it craves. Now you can sit on a couch without actually sitting on a couch if you catch my drift. The suit features 16 points of feedback on the front and 16 points on the back, which means a full 32 points of vibratory goodness. It’ll be like getting a massage with virtual bullets. If all of that force feedback isn’t enough for you, ARAIG also comes equipped with speakers near the shoulders, which further puts you in the game, or makes you imagine you are hearing Phil Collins everywhere you go. Either works.

Of course, with this kind of advanced tech comes a whole lot of funding issues. The designers of the suit have taken to Kickstarter to secure funding but it might be an uphill climb. The tech sure is cool but they need almost a million bucks in order to finish everything. We’ll let you know how they fare in the coming weeks.