AR meets audio in Optinvent’s new launch


Smart glass pioneer Optinvent, has unveiled what it claims to be a new category for wearables.

Targeting music lovers on the go, the ORA-X is an Android powered smart AR headphone. The ORA-X is a stylish headphone with high quality audio sound, a standalone Android computer, as well as a disruptive see-through retinal projection technology.

“The ORA-X enables a new experience in mobile entertainment” says Kayvan Mirza, CEO and Co-Founder of Optinvent. “Not only can you hear music, but you can ‘see music’. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As a standalone Android computer and a stylish pair of high-end headphones, the ORA-X will allow never before seen mobile entertainment applications such as watching music videos, mobile gaming, AR, and much more. It will take headphones to the next level. Not only that but it can also measure power levels.”

The ORA-X is being launched on Indiegogo