Apple Watch OS2 delayed


Tech giant Apple has delayed the first major software update for its Apple Watch because of a bug it discovered in the operating system.

The new watch software will be available soon, Apple spokeswoman Amy Bessette said, without providing a specific time frame. She declined to say what caused the problem, only that it’s “taking a bit longer to fix than we expected”.

It is understood that the delay may have been caused by the discovery of a bug in the mapping system but this is as yet unconfirmed.

The Apple Watch is the company’s first new hardware product since the iPad’s 2010 debut and is a key part of chief executive officer Tim Cook’s strategy to find new areas of growth. With the delay, the company is attempting to avoid another high-profile blunder, such as when its map application gave inaccurate directions and when the iPhone 4’s antenna caused people to lose reception if held a certain way. Last year, the company released an iPhone software update that prevented users from making calls.