Apple Patent Reveals Forthcoming VR Goggles


As we all now, reality is boring at best and likely a fair bit more unpleasant than that. Since the dawn of man, we have looked for ways to escape reality, to forget about our troubles at a place where everybody knows our name(wait.) To that end we’ve created movies, music and, of course, video games. Speaking of video games, the recent release of the Oculus Rift VR goggles have turned quite a lot of heads in the tech-o-sphere. This “in the game” approach seems to be the next big thing in gaming. Just how big is it? Well, reports indicate that Apple itself is getting ready to throw their iTowel into the ring.

Apple, who you may remember from creating approximately five things that you have in your home right now, are looking to get in the virtual reality game. A patent was recently unearthed which showed a pair of VR head-mounted goggles, not unlike the Oculus Rift. However, this unit seems to be more for vision-engulfing cinematic experiences. It’d be like having an IMAX theater right in front of your eyes. In short, it’d be pretty darn cool. It is also worth noting that Sony seems to be working on something similar, which they are calling the Cinemizer.

As far as when the big “A” will release this goodie, the answer is pretty murky. This is just an unearthed patent and often these big companies patent stuff quite literally for the heck of it. Since no official word has come from Apple itself, we’ll have to assume it is a far ways off. But with Apple you never know. They could hold an event tomorrow and it could appear on store shelves the day after. We’ll let you know. Here’s a creepy video.