Apple Hires Jay Blahnik From Nike Fuelband



Apple has been in the news a lot recently for hiring people that may or may not be linked to wearable technology products. Headlines were made recently when Apple hired Yves St Laurent CEO Paul Deneve, and the speculation surrounding it was that he was being hired to work on a potential iWatch. Well headlines are being made again, and yet again it’s potentially iWatch related. It was recently unveiled that Apple has hired Nike Fuelband adviser Jay Blahnik.

What does this mean? Well it would be really easy to assume that Blahnik would have been hired to work on some sort of wrist worn device, especially given the rumors surrounding the potential device in recent news.

Despite this, Blahnik could also have been hired for any number of other consulting positions, as he is a master of consulting and has worked with a number of very large companies including Gatorade, General Electric, among other companies.

Still, the likelihood is that Blahnik will have been hired to work on wearable products, which is indeed a very exciting thought considering the success of the Nike Fuelband.

Does this mean that we are getting closer to seeing an iWatch? Only time will tell, but it certainly looks that way!