Apple Concept Designs that You Can Wear

Apple concept

Would you wear an iRing? How about an iPod Shuffle bracelet? If the answer is yes then you will love these wearable Apple concept designs. After all… who needs Google Glass when you can have bluetooth control of your iPhone from a ring? Ready to see the wearable Apple concept designs? Let’s get started.



The iRing has been one of the most viral Apple concept designs on the internet. This concept shows a Bluetooth ring that could be used to control an iPod. By pushing a few buttons on the bottom of a ring, you could increase volume, change the song, or shuffle music, all without ever pulling your iPod out of a pocket.

Apple concept


The iPod shuffle bracelet is one of the coolest Apple concept ideas because it shows the most genius in design an innovation. This is quite simply a curved iPod Shuffle that can be worn around the wrist. As a result, you could wear it as a bracelet instead of strapping it to your arm, dropping it in a pocket, or worse holding it when you’re our and about. While it still has all of the same technology we know from Apple, the concept itself would make the design very easy to take out, albeit harder to store in your pocket.

Apple concept


The HiPod is another iPod wrist watch but instead of curving in the form of a bracelet, it’s actually a watch. The face of this digital watch folds up to reveal a fully functioning iPod that you can control, add music to, and listen to with the aid of the wireless earbuds designed with it. While just a concept, this would be the perfect solution for anyone who likes to wear a watch as it tells time from a standard digital clock face rather than looking like something from a sci-fi movie. This particular concept would of course use the iPod Classic dial navigation.

Apple Concept


An Apple wearable concept for anyone with a busy calendar, the iCal, or iCalendar is an Apple Bluetooth watch idea that syncs with the calendar on your iOS device. It syncs with your calendar and then buzzes with your iOS alerts, so that you never miss a meeting, even if your phone is on silent. Plus, it also tells time.

Apple Concept


The iWatch is one of the most anticipated Apple concepts because it could soon be real. Right now the device has been rumored for more than a year, and if previous rumors have any similarity to this one, Apple should announce a release date any day now. The iWatch is supposed to be similar to other smart watches already available. It is supposed to feature curved gorilla glass, which would fit around the wrist like a slapband rather than a traditional watch.

There are plenty of Apple concepts out there but the wearable ones are perhaps the coolest. While many of them will never be real, there are plenty of great tech ideas that would be perfect for consumers. What do you think? Want any of these wearable Apple concept devices?