Apple Buys Passif Chipmaker



In recent weeks Apple has been making news headlines fairly often with acquisitions of companies. They bought both HopStop and Locationary for their mapping software, Apple Maps. Wee it’s just been announced that Apple has acquired yet another company, this time one that could indicate a wearable device on the horizon. The company is called Passif, and they’re a chipmaker based in the silicon valley.

Why would buying Passif be a big deal for wearable technology, I hear you ask? Well, the main thing is that Passif chips are very small and very low energy. This is ideal for wearable products, especially ones like watches.

Yes, it’s true that Passif chips might not only be used for wearable devices. They could be used in future iPhones or iPods as well. This would make these devices much more efficient. But, with all the iWatch rumors floating around, it’s not impossible to imagine that these chips will in fact be used on a wearable device like a potential iWatch.

Keep your eyes peeled for more iWatch news, as more and more of it is sure to pop up in the near future!