The Ministry of Supply Apollo Shirt for Businessmen

Apollo Shirt

We’ve all probably faced the problem where the shirt we are wearing is too hot, too constrictive, or even sweaty. For those in a business position, a shirt that is sweaty, smelly, or in any other way not professional can actually be a hindrance to the job. Studies show that people work better when comfortable but people also communicate and interact better with others when not suffering from discomfort. The Apollo shirt from Ministry of Supply was designed to be a comfortable alternative for businessmen who have to look good and be comfortable for their job. But how does it work and where do you get it? Keep reading to find out.

Apollo Shirt 2

Moisture Wicking

The Apollo shirt integrates NASA Heat regulation technology by using a blend of fibers. The shirt is made of a polyester knit that works to wick moisture and pull it away from the body which keeps the body dry as you sweat. The polyester also resists wrinkling; meaning that less ironing and care is required to keep the shirt looking good.

Contour & Stretch

Apollo shirt 3A back panel on the shirt includes a blend of Spandex that allows the shirt to stretch and move with the wearer instead of bunching and riding up like most of today’s dress shirts do. The result, your shirt is clean, crisp, and in place, even should you bike to work.  The panel was developed after the lab worked to map the stress points placed on a traditional shirt and then developed as the most efficient way to allow the shirt to be more comfortable.

Odor Control

But the technology that went into this shirt doesn’t stop there. The Apollo features an antimicrobial coating that actually helps to kill odor. This means no more smelling like you haven’t showered in days after a sweaty day at the office. Of course, you should still wear deodorant. The shirt isn’t magic. The Ministry of Supply achieved this anti-odor coating in part using coffee, which they have also used in their new ATLAS socks.

Heat Control

Apollo shirtMost people would say that they choose specific colors in the summer in order to stay cooler. Others choose breathable fabrics like cotton or silk that hold in less heat. The Ministry of Supply took this a step further and chose to use a NASA developed technology to keep people cool in their shirt.  Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are woven into the polyester knit. What these materials do is actually pull heat away from your body to store it. Once you get inside to an overly cooled office, the shirt releases the stored heat slowly in order to keep you comfortable. That means that instead of being too hot in one area and too cold in another, you can enjoy comfort everywhere you go.

Where to Buy?

The Ministry of Supply sells their Apollo shirt from their website for $98 each. Colors include Royal Blue, Black, and white, although some other colors are sometimes available as well. The shirts are made in a variety of sizes and come in slim or regular fit so that they can be chosen according to the style of the person wearing them. Color and size availability does vary so you do have to check it out on the site in order to see what they have.

You can purchase the Apollo here.