Apira Science iGrow uses lasers to regrow hair


George Costanzas of the world unite! Sure there are lots of cool hats out there, but can any others purport to be able to grow your hair back?! Apira Science has come up with its innovative iGrow hair growing helmet, device thingie.

It packs 21 laser diodes and 30 LED lights into one handy-dandy helmet that apparently recreates the functionality of clinical hair lasers. The company promises “thicker, fuller and healthier” hair in just a “few short months.” However, that’s not all this bad boy does. It also doubles as an mp3 player so you can jam your favorite tunes as your favorite follicles return in all of their glory.

The iGrow can be used with men or women and costs $695. This may sound like a lot, but we are sure Larry David would disagree. He’s also a multi-billionaire, though.