AOptix Stratus iPhone Add-on is a Biometric Identity Scanner


We’ve all seen enough soap operas and science fiction movies to know that sometimes a person just isn’t who they say they are. These sneaks weasel into your life under false assumptions and begin either stealing your money or trying to crash a meteor into earth depending on the source material. Something has to be done about this! It’s a veritable, sigh, identity crisis. Luckily, wearable technology is once again on the case. There is something new on the horizon that will say with absolute certainty you are who you say you are. Also, never mind the fact that identity scanners are often the subject of their own dystopian science fiction movies. Shh.

The AOptix Stratus is a device that plugs right into your iPhone(4 and later.) The result? You’ll be able to snap photos of people and the add-on, along with an affiliated app, will tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt who that person is. Creepy cool right? Interestingly, the device works with more than just snapshots. It can also confirm someone’s identity via their voice or even that old stalwart, fingerprints. It’s being marketed as a tool to assist in disaster relief and, ahem, border patrol. Aint nobody gonna pretend to be me and steal my money! Wait, I have money?

Speaking of money, the Stratus will set you back $199, which seems a fair price to assuage your paranoid delusions that pod people are following your every move. Speaking of following your every move, rumor swirls that Apple themselves are working on similar tech to accompany a future iPhone iteration.