AnyGlove is a magical liquid that lets you use your phone while wearing gloves


Let me paint a harrowing picture for you. The time? Winter in New York City. It’s Christmas Eve and you have yet to buy gifts for your loved ones(lazy!) The snow is coming down. The weather can be charitably called “nippy.” You are dolled up in several layers and a thick pair of gloves. You want to get on your smartphone to see if what stores still have gifts available but the gloves won’t let you access the touchscreen because those darned screens are made for naked fingers and not for fabric. What can you do?! You most certainly can’t give up on getting gifts and you also most certainly cannot remove your gloves. You’ll get frostbite!

AnyGlove to the rescue! This magic liquid can turn any glove into, essentially, a human finger. Thus, the glove will work perfectly with your iPhone, Android or any other touchscreen-enabled screen. All you do is apply a few drops to the tips of the gloves and before long they will be like a set of second skin, flinging birds into pigs with the best of them. Never again shall we live under the tyranny of having to take our gloves off to answer the phone or, gasp, Instagram a picture of a snowman. The future is finally upon us.

If this sounds like the solution you’ve been looking for, you can snag a bottle of AnyGlove for just $15. If that sounds like too much money, just imagine all of the money you’ll make by being able to buy and sell stock while standing outside in a blizzard.