Another WiFi Detecting T-Shirt from Flashwear

flashwear wifi t-shirt blue

flashwear wifi t-shirt blueWe have come across yet another WiFi detecting T-Shirt for the fun loving, cool, techie Dad.

Flashwear continues to extend their animated T-Shirt line and now offers many different styles of their WiFi detecting T-Shirt collection ensuring there will be one style that suits you.

The t-shirt displays the strength of 802.11b & 802.11g signals of nearby wireless networks. The wifi detection and led is powered by a small battery pack which holds 3 AAA batteries. The light-up decal is removable to allow easy cleaning of the t-shirt.

Flashwear sells the WiFi detector T-Shirts for $ 47.48 directly via their online store.

Flashwear WiFi T-Shirt line