Animated Pen Nib Dress lets you wear animated ecosystem


Sure, there are some cool dresses out there, but how many claim to tell an animated story about the ecosystem? None, well until now. Designers Steven Tai and John Nussey have concocted the Pen Nib Dress, an animated dress that uses the power of motors to tell viewers about the ecosystem.

How does it work? Well, the dress is adorned with over 900 motors, which work in conjunction with one another to create an animated story right there on the dress. It’s actually really cool. Of course, this dress has no practical use. But how often is fashion merely practical? It’s all about the aesthetics and the aesthetics here are all about wow factor.

Of course, this is just a concept design. You can’t run out to Forever 21 and get one of these yet. We’d be surprised if this tech didn’t invade consumer fashion before long, however. Want to see a video of the dress in action? Click here.