This Android Wear Keyboard Makes Watch Typing Possible


So you are in the market for a brand spanking new smartwatch using Google’s recently launched Android Wear iOS? You are in luck! There are already a handful of really user-friendly units available at your local, or online, retailers. These watches can do it all, from allow you to talk into your wrist or, uh, read stuff from your wrist. One thing they aren’t too good at, however, is typing out messages. It’s a simple reality of real estate. The amount of room available on a watchface is minimal, making typing impossible or really, really annoying. Well, not so fast. One company just announced a brand new keyboard app for the platform that makes it damn near possible.

Minuum’s brand new Android Wear typing app could be a game changer. It completely reinvents how we deal with typing on a mobile device, organizing letters, symbols and potential letters and symbols in a unique and useable way. It uses a new kind of predictive text that, as long as it is working properly, only shows stuff you actually want to type on the keyboard. It looks like there is a fairly steep learning curve, but once you get it you should be golden and popping out messages like “hey honey be back soon getting milk” with ease. Also, don’t forget that milk.

The app isn’t available yet but you can sign up to take part in the beta by clicking here. Let us know what you think and if this is a solution to one of the smartwatch’s most pressing problems. Here is a video.