Fonderie 47 Watch Puts Deconstructed AK47 on Your Wrist


Digital devices have their limitations, just ask any music purist. It’s the same deal with watches. Sure, a digital smartwatch like the Pebble can check a person’s messages and sync with their smartphone, but these devices have yet to give their wearers a luxury feel. The Fonderie 47 Inversion Principle Tourbillon goes one step further to add a “cool” factor.

Constructed out of decommissioned AK47 gun parts, the Fonderie 47 is more than a beautiful timepiece–it has depth. The assault rifles used were recovered from the war zones in Africa to be brought back and used to construct these elegant watches. But a timepiece with a story isn’t all their creators are aiming for. The watches made will be used to raise money for the destruction of AK47 rifles in Africa. Fighting for a cause doesn’t come cheap, though, and neither do these watches. Those looking to snag one will have to have at least $350,000 of disposable income.

The Fonderie 47’s design is reminiscent of the weapon it’s working so hard to destroy. In the center of the golden frame is a sapphire crystal, giving the wearer the feeling that their looking down the classiest gun sight ever worn on a wrist.

These watches are, however, in short supply; only 20 are set to be made. A set of 10 will be made in 18K rose gold and another 10 will be made in 18K white gold. Buyers will also have the option between black or brown alligator leather, complete with matching case.

Source: Gizmodo