Amulyte – Wearable Technology For Seniors



A common stereotype is that seniors are afraid of new technology. This is of course not true for many of our older citizens, but for a large number of older people new technology is simply hard to embrace. Despite this, technology is often what older people need in order to remain in good health. A number of senior monitoring systems are on the market, but often they are very limiting or sometimes hard to use. That’s what the Amulyte hopes to avoid.

Amulyte is the latest in senior monitoring technology, and they claim that it has all the features that you will need, which is exactly what Amulyte creators Jaclyn Konzelmann and Perry Haldenby were aiming for. In fact, the Amulyte was created because of the fact that the two University of Waterloo alumni couldn’t find something for their grandparents that extremely limited.

Essentially, the device can be worn around the neck or placed in the wearers pocket and includes a number of great features for the user. Firstly, it includes a cellular radio, Wi-Fi and GPS. The inclusion of all these tracking capabilities means that seniors aren’t confined to their homes to feel safe. They can do all their normal activities and still have the option of being monitored. Not only that, but it also includes the use of an accelerometer, and can run all of these features on a battery for up to week.

All the features mentioned above are hidden from view. All the user can see is a big red button labeled “help”. In an emergency the device can allow for family members or close friends to be able to see the user location and get immediate help. Not only this, but the device can also provide activity tracking, showing how long during the day the user has been active, and how intense the activity levels have been.

The Amulyte is a monitoring system for seniors who want to remain their independence and continue their daily activities. It is available for $99, should be available for purchase in early 2013, and could potentially save you or your loved ones life!