AMPY Uses Your Movement to Charge Gadgets



How many gadgets do you have on your person right now? Two? Three? Even more than that? As the future progresses into its golden, glistening futurey-ness, we just end up having to carry around more and more things in our pockets and stupid looking carry bags. However, where there are gadgets there needs to be energy. A smartphone isn’t very smart when it doesn’t have any juice, after all. Keeping all of our beloved doodads powered on is becoming something of a chore nowadays. How are we supposed to do it? Bring every charger with us at all times and hope the park we are hanging out at has an outlet? No way! Use the power of your own movement to get your devices going again.

That’s where AMPY comes in. In addition to loving the caps lock key, AMPY also loves to keep your gadgets charged. It does this by converting the energy you create throughout the day just by walking around and stuff to useable wattage for all of your favorite thingamajigs. It works with any USB device, gathering up your kinetic energy as it rests in your pocket and then transferring that energy to your phone, tablet or what have you. It even works on smartwatches! Bad news, however, it is not useable on a refrigerator in case you were having an idea about running in a hamster wheel to keep your food fresh.

AMPY isn’t out yet, but you can pre-order your own by kinetically traveling on over to their Kickstarter page. It’ll set you back around $85, but that price is rising as more and more people snatch these up. It’s already blown through its funding goals. AMPY is set to LAUNCH next year.