AmoeBAND bandages change color to better take care of you

Bandaid AmoeBAND

Bandaid AmoeBAND
It doesn’t seem like a lot has changed in the wound care industry in quite a long time. There’s been the Band-Aid, Neosporin and, um, leeches introduced to mankind to help with our various cuts and bruises. Where’s the new hotness?! Are you telling me we live in a world that has supercomputers disguised as eyeglasses but we don’t have anything new to help me heal quicker when I fall into a stupid fence?! Something is very wrong here. Something is very, very wrong here.

Wait. This just in. There is something on the horizon to help with that very problem. Phew. I was about to have a minor cut induced nervous breakdown. It’s called the AmoeBAND bandage and it could very well have the Band-Aid company shaking in their recently disinfected boots.  These bandages are each outfitted with a nifty device that changes color when the bandage needs to be changed. Hanging out in a stinky, bloody bandage for too long is doing nothing good for nobody. The dressing material covering the cut is sensitive to pH changes in your wound. If the pH is between 6.5 and 8.5, it means an infection has been detected. A purple, dangerous looking cross appears to let you know to change the bandage and to also probably call your doctor. They are also durable, with a feel closer to leather than the usual breakable nonsense that constitutes old-school bandages.

Don’t go running with scissors just yet. The AmoeBAND bandages are only a concept design with no word on when and if they’ll be released to the long-suffering public. We’ll let you know when its safe to step out of the giant plastic bubble you call home. Until then, keep rolling bubble boy, keep rolling.

Amoeband from terry chen on Vimeo.