Amiigo Fitness Bracelet


A number of cool and interesting bracelets have been coming out in the past few years, especially those that are intended to help the wearer improve their health. The latest of these, and perhaps one of the most advanced, is the Amiigo which is set to be released this summer.

The Amiigo is different from other fitness bracelets. Not only can it track the usual heart rate and temperature, but it can also track a number of other things which should really help people train. It can even track the specific exercises that the wearer is doing while wearing the Amiigo!

Other things that the Amiigo can track include reps, sets, speed, blood oxygen, and calories burned. As you can see, the Amiigo certainly is one of the most advanced fitness tracking bracelets out there!

The goal of the Amiigo is to be a more personalized fitness bracelet, which is the idea behind the name. This “friend” connects to your smartphone, like other fitness bracelets, through bluetooth. Unlike other fitness bracelets, however, the Amiigo system also includes a shoe clip to help track some of the exercises that you are performing.

Using the Android or iOS app designed for the Amiigo, the user can track all their exercises and even compete with their other amigo’s. Not only that, but you can also share your workout information on social networks so that ALL your amigo’s know exactly how you’ve been working out. That is, if your workout is worth showing off…

The Amiigo is set to be released this summer, and if you like the idea, you can donate to the Amiigo Indiegogo, which will secure an Amiigo for you once it is released.