Ambit GPS Watches by Suunto


Suunto Ambit GPS Watches
While smart watches are soon to be hitting our shelves en masse, there are still many new and great ideas for “normal” watches. The new Ambit GPS watch by Suunto is a great example of this. While it might look like nothing special at first glance, it is far from normal.

Suunto recently released the second version of their Ambit, called the Ambit 2S and Ambit 2. Both of thees watches are perfect for runners. Using GPS, the Ambit can keep track of your speed and distance. These watches were really great for triathletes and runners. The second generation broadens their use for other outdoor uses, like hiking for example.

The second generation of Ambit watches is sleeker and faster, and a better option for outdoor training. With its sleeker design, this version of the watch has lost a few of its features, such as the barometer and the thermometer. However, it does include add route navigation and even a feature called “Find back” which guides you back along the route that you took.

Lastly, the Ambit includes support for the “App Zone” to make the watch even more advanced. This almost makes the watch a smart watch. The App Zone already has 5000 apps. The watch also supports which makes the watch even more advanced.

Both second generation Ambit watches will be available this May, and will range from $400 to $650, depending on the color and model.