Amazon Opens Up Dedicated Wearables Store


Amazon has taken over entire industries in recent years. Remember when you’d go to an actual store to buy random knick-knacks? Well, they do food now so it won’t be long before you log on there for your groceries as well. Also, they do streaming television and, as a matter of fact, produce their own programming. In short, this company is one of the big tech outfits that could very well take over the world. Now, there has long been rumors floating about that Amazon was going to enter the wearable technology sector in a big way. Well, it looks like that day has finally come.

We reported on a forthcoming Amazon development that would have the company opening up their own online store dedicated exclusively to wearable technology. Well, it looks like that was just not a rumor. It’s real and it’s already here. Essentially, for now, it’s a category on the site proper that filters out all of their wearable technology on offer. This is where’d you point your browser to buy smartwatches, fitness trackers, wearable cameras and all of the other amazing things we write about daily. There’s even a learning center for those consumers who don’t spend most of their days following technology blogs(really, who are these people?)

So yeah. It’s available right now. Eventually this will become a hub for Amazon’s own forays into the wearable sector, of which we know are coming full force. However, there has been no information as to when that transition would occur. For now, however, it’s the perfect way to buy a Pebble.