Alphyn Industries presents jeans with a special iPhone pocket, swiping ensues


So you live on planet Earth and own one of those smartphone thingamajobbies the kids like so much. You walk around your city, set on the notion that you are the master of your domain. After all, you can find out any and all information with just some simple touchscreen tomfoolery. You can play any song that exists with a swift jab and a poke. You can hurl birds into pigs like a true zen master. But you have just one problem. In order to do any of this stuff you have to physically remove the device from your pocket, thus exposing it to the cruel, cruel elements. There’s a pitfall around every corner, after all.

What can be done about this uniquely 2012 problem? Don’t worry your pretty little heads, Alphyn Industries is on it. They have invented the worlds first pair of jeans designed from the ground up to be used with these magnificent smartphones. Their brand new, and uniquely named, Delta415 Wearcom jeans is the perfect pair of denim for your always connected lifestyle. Stick your iPhone in a pocket just above the knee and let the jeans do the rest. The fabric is specially designed to allow for touchscreen manipulation through the fabric. There’s even a hole for earbuds. Click to your heart is content! Don’t worry about being unsightly. There is a flap that covers the smartphone pouch for when you want to play at being a “regular person.”

These jeans are otherwise sturdily designed and shouldn’t wear a huge and embarrassing hole in the crotch for quite some time. They can be yours for around $160. Just be sure to not leave your beloved gadget in the pocket when you take them in for a wash.

Check below for more photos and a video of the jeans being worn by attractive dudes.