Ally Seeley’s Touch Glove quite literally helps people feel again


Is there any one sense we take more for granted than touch? We never think about “touching pancakes in the morning” or “touching the gentle call of the bluebird.” Yet, we probably do more poking and prodding in our daily lives than just about anything else. How else are we to develop business partners via our extra-firm handshakes? Because we take it so for granted it’s easy to forget that some people forgo this sense. Some people’s sense of touch has failed or is failing. Think about that for a second. Sucks right? Luckily, some tech visionaries are trying to give that sense back.

One such visionary is Ally Seeley who has been working on her Touch Glove concept. This home-made glove helps the touch-less by giving users visual feedback based on tactile information. In short, it shows you what you are touching. A textile pressure sensor is integrated in the index finger which picks up the softness and hardness and structure of the surface. The differences in pressure on the sensor is translated into different light pattern emitted by the LEDs embedded at the wrist of the glove. It’s not exactly touching but it’s certainly the next best thing.

This helpful little glove is not for sale but do not fret. Ally Seeley has made step-by-step instructions how to build it available on the Internet. So, should you be not be wire-phobic, buy up the ingredients and give it a shot. You may just change someone’s life. In the meantime, sit back and watch this video.