All dogs go to digital heaven, introducing Fujitsu’s new cloud-enabled canine collar


The pure and unconditional love a dog gives you can be one of the best things in life. They are there for you when you leave and they are waiting for you when you come home. They are always waiting for you with a smile on their face and an enthusiastic wag of the tail. As any dog owner also knows, canines can be pretty smart. Still, even if your pup is named Einstein they probably can’t navigate the world around them on their own. Dogs can’t read after all. So what do you do if your best bud gets lost? Using your tears to paste up flyers all over town is probably not the best use of your time. Electronics manufacturer Fujitsu must be dog lovers because they have crafted an elegant device that not only solves this problem but a, um, litter of others as well.

Fujitsu’s ICT device attaches to your dog’s collar and automatically updates a bunch of useful information right to the cloud. It monitors their GPS location, their health and activity level, the number of steps they’ve taken and even their external temperature. It will not do to have your dog shivering alone in the cold will it? The gadget continuously uploads all of this information to the cloud where it waits for you, like a trusty pet, to be downloaded to a PC, smartphone or tablet. This goes above and beyond what’s currently available.

The information is accessed via an app or web page. Data comes wrapped together in all manner of charts and graphs to make health trends easier to spot. If you are on top of this, it could easily cut down on vet bills. We all know veterinarians are scam artists of the highest order.

It’s not ready for commercial release yet so, for now, you’ll have to keep an eye on your dog the old-fashioned way, with an actual eye.