Alivecor Heart Monitor keeps track of your ticker via your iPhone


The human heart is probably our most important organ(sorry, liver fans.) It pumps blood to and from each and every other organ and part of the body. It is absolutely integral to our well being and, once in a while, it attacks us and kills us. We, as living beings on this earth, would like to avoid that deadly obstacle at all costs. What can we do to help remain heart healthy though? Sure, we can eat granola and cut out all-you-can-eat lard buffets but what if we want to be even more proactive than that? Introducing this handy, and dandy, heart rate monitor that works via your iPhone.

Alivecor’s Heart Monitor is not only, well, a gadget that monitors your heart. It’s also an iPhone case. Two birds, meet one stone. You can now keep your smartphone and your smart-organ safe in one fell swoop. This heathful doodad monitors the electrical impulses of the heart, acting as an electrocardiogram (ECG) device in addition to measuring your heart rate itself. So, really, three birds with one stone. That’s some mighty good aim this thing has.

This heart monitor doesn’t even sap energy from the phone, which similar devices do. It comes with its own power supply so you can be sure to have the phone available for Angry Birds, texting or letting people know you have just arrived at your favorite spaghetti shop. The coolest part about this whole thing? It is a professional grade device but able to be purchased by us laymen who couldn’t understand a single day of medical school even if we tried. It’ll set you back just $200. That’s not a bad deal for all of that sweet, sweet health.