Alina LED Dress shoes


Alina Designs‘ LED lighted Dress Shoes feature 3 LEDs, red, green, blue. These primary colors can be mixed to create numerous color combos. A single AAA battery can power these super bright LEDs for about 12 hours. A tiny computer controls the LEDs in each shoe to give 5 basic modes of LED cycling plus “secret” modes and “holiday” modes that the user may figure out based on some hints.
Alina LED Chromasic Shoe
The tech behind these shoes are from Chromasic developed by Color Kinetics. This system controls the lighting and is a pioneer in small applications. The trick is Smartjuice, another Color Kinetics design. Smartjuice sends both power and signals over a shared 2 wire layout.
Alina LED Chromasic Shoe Line
These shoes go for $85.00 to $125.00.