Here is an Algae-based Thread That Keeps Clothes Smelling Nice


A man covers himself in algae as he plays with his friends at a seaside in Qingdao
Clothing. We all put it on our bodies every single day, unless some of us happen to be nudists (no judgments here.) As a matter of fact, part one of the two-part ‘wearable technology’ happens to be the word, uh, wearable. So, yeah. We put lots of frills and frocks all over our bods. Our bods tend to get gross sometimes so, in tandem, said frocks get gross. If only there was a way to create a textile, some kind of thread, that would resist the chaotic pull of body odor! Well, hold your breath, because one is currently floating downstream toward the pike.

The KTH Royal Institute of Technology has developed a thread made from algae that is extremely resistant to funky smells and odors, so you can be free to roam your neighborhood content in the notion that none of your neighbors will be making a stinky face. Also, as if that wasn’t cool enough. these threads are also antibacterial, so you can be free to roam your neighborhood content in the notion that you aren’t contracting any communicable diseases. The thread, made from a series of compounds found in red algae, is woven into tiny microfibers using electrospinning and has proven, in tests, to be effective at both suggested uses.

Dealing with smelly clothes may just be a thing of the best if this threading becomes commonplace. However, it could have other uses as well, such as being used as the primary component in air filters, bandages and other objects where no-smell is better than smell. This algae-based thread is still in the testing stages. We’ll let you know when it starts showing up in actual items of clothing.