Alago Commuter heated cycling glove will keep your hands warm as you bike


It is cold. It is miserably cold. It is so cold, in some places, that people are taking to just laying in bed all day and all night, rummaging through their Netflix queue and ordering takeout for every meal. If you, however, want to leave the house to get in some old fashioned exercise in the form of biking, or if you are stuck delivering food to us lazy sad sacks, then we may just have the heated glove for you.

Alago, who are no stranger to the world of heated gloves, are back with a brand new invention(sigh.) The British company presents to you their brand new, hot off the presses, Alago Commuter heated cycling glove. This is a heated glove like any other but it is specially designed to work best for biking in the cold, cold climate. After all, to quote a wise HBO show, winter is coming.

This design doesn’t use any electronic, rather it works using a built-in chemical pack to heat your blessed fingertips. This is sort of like the packs you buy over the counter at pharmacies but, you know, sewed in and re-useable. These gloves do work differently than most, spreading the heat mostly around the back of the hand and the fingertips. This is why they are so good for cycling as the other side of the hand will be kept warm via the bike handle(one would hope.)

These gloves are out now at a very warm and comfortable price of around $60. Go get yourself a pair and then make like Lance Armstrong and bike all over your town like a true champ. However, on second thought, avoid the doping. That’s never good.