AirWave gas mask maps your city’s pollution levels in real time


Let’s face it. If you live in a big city, breathing the gross city air is not the best way to spend your lung’s time. They say that just living in a big city is like smoking four or five cigarettes a day. And this is in America. In China, this is further magnified due to their ever-growing pollution problem, which is much worse than even ours. Many China city-dwellers wear gas masks when they are outside, which may seem odd to us but is commonplace over there. Now, a new gas mask concept promises to at least let people know when it is safe to take it out for a spell.

Introducing the AirWave gas mask, an innovative contraption that maps your city’s pollution level in real time. The mask features particle sensors that takes a gander at the breathable city air and then ascertains just how actually breathable it is. All of this information is then pumped to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can take a look at the results and see if you should remove the mask and look like a normal person or continue your sad, lonely trek wherever you are going while donning a gas mask.

This is a great idea. It’s also an idea that may still be a while off. The AirWave is only a concept design for now. We’ll let you know when you can go outside without a gas mask so you can buy this gas mask and then never go outside without it again. Who knows. Maybe we’ll fix the Earth by then!