AIRO Wristband Measures Exercise, Sleep and Even Food Intake



Armbands, watches and even phones that monitor your vitals are becoming a huge part of the wearable technology scene. Eventually, just about every gadget out there will offer some sort of lifestyle measurement utility. Finally, we won’t have to rely on our fallible and occasionally stupid craniums in order to get an accurate measure of just how lazy we are. However, most of these devices record the same kinds of things. They track exercise levels, stress and occasionally measure your sleep. This new armband, however, tracks of all this and more. It keeps an eye on what you are eating.

It’s called the AIRO Wristband and it could very well turn this whole vitality monitoring thing on its ears. As previously stated, this armband measures your fitness routine, sleep schedule and stress level. It also, however, tracks what kind of calories you are putting in your body. Wait, what? How does it do that? It comes equipped with a series of sensors that measure minute fluctuations in your heart rate and the color of your blood flow to ascertain what kinda horribly unhealthy foods you are stuffing your face with. Philly cheesesteak for breakfast? For shame. As of now, the device can tell the difference between protein, fat, carbs and sugars. It has some troubles with different types of carbs but the company says they are working on it. Pretty cool right?

Of course, you have a long time to wait for this snazzy tech. The AIRO isn’t scheduled to show up on store shelves until Fall of 2014 and is rumored to cost around $150. You can preorder one now, however.