Ainste Wallets Are Built to Protect Against RFID Technology


RFID technology is cool. There is no doubt about that. You can use this technology to pay a bill just by waving your card(or phone) in front of the appropriate device. However, it’s easy to see how a nefarious individual or two could take advantage of this tech. All it would take is someone with the right tools waving them in front of your wallet and you can say bye bye to that little savings account you like to rely on so much. Thus, the notion of RFID-preventing wallets were born. However, most of these wallets use a slab of metal to protect against harmful RFID rays. This works, sure, but isn’t very comfortable. Nothing like having a huge slab of metal veering ever so close to your junk. That’s where Ainste and their new line of wallets come in.

These wallets are made from leather and protect against RFID theft all the same. Your identity, and financial accruement, will remain safe and sound with you where they belong. The magic is not a slab of metal, rather it lays in the unique design of the wallets themselves. They come in a variety of styles to suit even the most discriminating pockets. Although, it must be noted, these wallets do not prevent against going online late at night and drunkenly buying an ice cream maker. You are on on your own with that one.

Ainste and their magical identity-protecting wallets are not yet out, but they’ve taken to Kickstarter to ensure they obtain final funding. You can nab yourself one for around $35. Just don’t buy it drunkenly late at night. Here are some videos of the wallets in action, or rather, preventing an action.