Aiken Labs introduces 9-axis modular motion sensing to Android


Nine-axis modular sensing is something of a holy grail in the mobile world. Aiken Labs have gone further with the tech than anyone else, it seems. Codenamed Immersive Motion, the tech will be finding its way to Android and Windows phones in the near future. But, wait, what does it do?

Basically it revolutionizes motion-controlled gaming in the mobile environment. Thanks to matchbox-sized motion sensors that allow placement on a variety of objects, motion-controlled gaming can now be object-based. This means if you want to affix one of these sensors to a sword and then swing a sword around, so be it. The possibilities truly are endless.

The mobile kit includes two of these sensors and prices in at $300, with extra sensors costing $50 a pop. Kind of an expensive hobby, but a fun one. Isn’t that all that matters?