Agilite Injured Personnel Carrier lets you carry an injured friend like a backpack


agilite injured personnel carrier 1
No man left behind. That’s a phrase that conjures up powerful imagery of our fighting force around the world. By hook or by crook these brave men and women do their very best to make sure their fellow soldiers, their friends, make it away from enemy fire unharmed. Sometimes this means physically picking someone up and carrying them to safety. As we know, people are heavy.  It can be hard to hold one of them and still keep on your toes for gunshots, explosions and other dangerous odds and ends. That’s where this new tech-friendly harness comes in.

Agilite, a company founded by Israeli Special Forces and U.S. Army veterans, has answered this call of duty by prepping their Injured Personnel Carrier. This device does exactly what the name implies. You literally strap an injured comrade to your back like a backpack. Jansport aint got nothing on this.

How does it work? It boasts a high-tensile plastic-cord system with bungee-like properties. This allows the wearer to carry weight of up to 2,000 pounds on their back with relative ease. This hands-free strap is also light on its feet, clocking in at less than one pound. Less than one pound and allows the carrying of up to 2,000? Sign us up!

While it was designed with the military in mind, the company sees many civilian uses for the IPC as well. It has potential to be of great use in search-and-rescue operations, emergency services and personal travel. As such, the cruise ship industry has taken to the device for carrying heavy loads in and out of their fleet.  If you have a hankering to strap one of these on, you can get one for around $95. Then get out there and do some heavy lifting!