Agent Smartwatch is Waterproof and Charges Wirelessly


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It’s pretty rare when we here at Crunchwear encounter a smartwatch that truly does something(or some things) new. Most of them cull from the same set of features. Mobile phone interactivity? Check. Text pushing? Check. Telling the time? Check(har har.) Still, the smartwatch industry is a young one and anything can happen in the coming years once these devices become ubiquitous. Maybe they’ll double a hoverboards one day, or at least instantaneous pizzas. In any event, here is a watch that not only has one feature you don’t see too often, but it has many of them. This thing is bursting at the seams with innovation!

It’s called the Agent and it is being brought to us from a NYC-based start up called House of Horology(no we haven’t heard of them either.) The first hook of this bad boy is the fact that it is fully waterproof. Note, we did not say water resistant. It’s water proof. Drop it in a pool and try it out(although get a warranty first.) Also, it comes equipped with Qi technology, which means it can be charged wirelessly. There will none of that micro-USB tomfoolery for this watch! The battery life is also sky high, clocking in at a month with intermittent Bluetooth usage and a week if you have it on 24/7. The watch is also platform independent and can be run with any OS of your choosing, with a specialized app store coming in the future.

You’d think the price would be sky high with all of these nifty new features, but Agent still set you back just $299. Now the bad news. It’s not out yet. It’s going to be a little while. The company has taken to uber-popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter in order to finish funding. Here’s a video.