Agent Smart Watch Meets Kickstarter Goal, Releases Developer SDK


Smart watches have a long and esteemed history with crowd funding site Kickstarter, well about as long and esteemed as anything that is only three years old can have. Still, since Pebble started earning millions of bucks, the popular web service has become a go-to place of choice for would-be smart watch developers. Case in point? Secret Labs and their Agent Smart Watch. This astounding little device just successfully reached funding a mere few days ago. It smashed through its goal, ending up with well over a million dollars when the company had only asked for $100,000. It’s another little smart watch that could.

Since being successfully funded, Secret Labs is not resting on its laurels. They’ve already publicly released the SDK, which will make developing apps and software for it a breeze(relatively speaking.) All developers need to get going is the emulator and a Bluetooth-compatible device. Since Bluetooth-compatible devices are just about a dime a dozen, we think that part will be easy breezy. Maybe you can even work up a quick app for the watch. We’ve always wanted a watch that lets us know when pizza is nearby. That seems like a winner to us!

The watch does not ship until December, so that should allow developers plenty of time to get out their thinking caps and come up with some cool stuff. It will cost around $149 and will have plenty of bells and whistles intact. Here is a video of the watch being all secret agent-y.