Affectiva’s Q Sensor wristband logs and monitors stress levels


Some wristbands actually cause stress, so it’s to good know some companies are making it their business to monitor it. Affectiva has released their Q-Sensor,  the wristband that monitors and logs when you are feeling a bit anxious or stressed. Best of all, this bracelet can send the information to pertinent caregivers thus letting the right people know before a panic attack or something similar.

The company says the Q sensor “is able to “detect and record physiological signs of stress and excitement by measuring slight electrical changes in the skin.” To put it in laymen’s terms, the bracelet looks for subtle changes in moisture and assigns that a stress level. People sweat when they anxious. Some people sweat all of the time but there is no bracelet for that yet.

A beta version is now on sale for researchers and educators at the cool price of $2,000.