The Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartwatches – What’s The Big Deal?



The smartwatch craze is taking off with new devices being announced regularly. Despite this, many people are still wondering what the big deal is with smartwatches. Why would anyone want to buy one, and what advantages do they carry? Are there any disadvantages? Well my friends, read on to find out exactly what the pros and cons of owning a smartwatch are.


If there weren’t any advantages to owning a smartwatch, they wouldn’t exist. In fact, the advantages to owning one are numerous.

Smartwatches essentially exist for convenience. People are obsessed with their phones, and often check for notifications, including emails, texts, updates, and so on. But what if you didn’t have to take your phone out every couple of minutes to do that? That’s what one of the main functions of the smartwatch is. It delivers notifications straight to your wrist, and allows for the wearer to not have to check their phone so often.

Depending on the watch, smartwatches could also bring a number of other advantages. For example, smartwatches could potentially help people with their health and fitness tracking. This is already true of some of the smartwatches being released, and we are sure to see more smartwatches with fitness capabilities in the near future, especially because of the fact that many smartwatches are including things like accelerometers.

In the future, smartwatches are expected to even be able to replace smartphones. Some smartwatches already include the use of a SIM card, and can make or take calls on their own without having to be paired with a smartphone. While most smartwatches are currently not like this, it is expected that more and more will have this capability in the near future.


Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to smartwatches as well. Currently, most smartwatches aren’t standalone devices, and therefor you still need a smartphone to make the most of it. Because of this, owning a smartwatch means you have another device to pay for, charge, and take care of. For some this isn’t a big deal, but for others these things are real drawbacks.

Another potential problem with many smartwatches today is the fact that a lot of them aren’t exactly the most stylish things on the planet. It’s true that companies are improving on this as time goes on, but many smartwatches still look like toys strapped to your wrist.


As the smartwatch industry continues to grow and more products are released, we are sure to see that list of disadvantages shrink and the list of advantages grow. In the meantime, it is important to consider whether buying a smartwatch is right for you. What’s right for someone else certainly might not be right for you!