Adrenalina May Be World’s First Smart Hoodie


The world sure is filled with lots of smart gadgets nowadays. It started with the smartification of the phone. Then came the watch, the eyeglasses and even the shoe. All of these gadgets prove that we love having things that do more than one thing. Smartwatches don’t just tell the time, actually the time telling is more of an after thought. All of the other cool stuff it does is much more front and center. What could possibly be the next item in our clothing arsenal to receive a series of intensive classes at an ivy league university? Don’t look now. It’s the humble hoodie!

Introducing the Adrenalina smart hoodie. That’s right. The world’s first smart hoodie. What makes this hoodie so intelligent? Did it study nuclear physics at Harvard? Well, no. It does, however, interact smartly with your smartphone. The entire hoodie is designed to track your activities participating in your favorite extreme sports. The hoodie is embedded with many sensors that keep track of just about every awesome skate ramp you gnarl(?!) out on. It’s also waterproof if your bag is surfing or fighting off gigantic tornados made from sharks.

The Adrenalina isn’t out yet so your local hoodie shop will have none of these bad boys in stock. However, if you want to preorder one you can skate on over to Kickstarter and drop some coins in the early adopter bucket. How many coins? Around $65 bucks, give or take an awesome wave or two.