Adidas Social Media Barricade shoes let you tweet and be tweeted as you work out


adidas social media barricade shoe 1
The world of athletics and wearable technology is certainly varied. There are armbands that monitor your vital signs, snuggies that hold your iPhone while you are biking and, heck, even sensors that read your brainwaves as you work out. In short, the world is your sweaty oyster when it comes to this kind of tech. You know what you couldn’t do until now though? Strap on a pair of shoes that tweets and reads tweets as you get your body into prime physical shape.

Adidas, who you may know from just about everywhere in the athletics world, has been hard at work prepping their most ridiculous shoe concept yet. The Adidas Social Media Barricade shoes do exactly what the name implies, connect you to social media accounts as you are connected to the inner turmoil that is exercising.  The shoes merge the innards of a phone with a basic two-line LCD system, letting the footwear take Twitter updates while exercising through a public account. The shoes even come with a remote control that can change the signature hue of those Adidas stripes on the, um, run.

Adidas set up a demo booth for these shoes at the Olympics’ media lounge and by all accounts they do exactly as the company implies. Of course, this depends on people actually wanting to tweet while exercising and it also depends on enough people wearing these shoes that it becomes a useful social endeavor. We don’t know about the former, but the latter might be difficult for now. These are just in the concept stages with no definitive plans for a commercial release. Don’t worry, though. Adidas is talking these kicks up as the “future of athlete connectivity,” so it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be crafting 140-character retorts as you jog.