Adidas Smart Run Watch Gets Hefty Firmware Update


In the Milky Way galaxy, there exists an average sized solar system with seven, eight or nine planets, depending on who you ask. On the third planet from this solar system’s average sized sun lies a planet called Earth, Gaia or Terra depending on who you ask. The inhabitants of said planet often find themselves needing exercise, and they find themselves needing intelligent watches that help them do said exercising. On that note, an entire industry called wearable technology has propped up, to service their needs. Adidas is one of the companies that furnishes the planet with those smartwatches. Speaking of that, their signature item just got a neat little firmware update.

Adidas, better known for sneakers and all of that jazz, released their Smart Run smartwatch last year to some acclaim. It’s your garden variety vitality tracker that keeps precise track of how much exercising you are forcing yourself to undergo. A new firmware update just dropped that allows for users to export GPS data to other devices, including their phones and tablets. This update also increases the battery life, which is more than helpful for the runners out there. The update also increases media functionality, if you like to do this weird thing called ‘listening to music’ as you exercise.

The firmware update is available now for current Smart Run owners and, worry not, the company says this is the only the first step. There are many more firmware updates coming down the pike that will increase all aspects of functionality. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.